Seaquen Seaquen is now the center of the resistance against Ragesia’s seemingly unstoppable war machine. It is home to the Lyceum and other influential power groups, and functions as a base of operations for our heroes as they quest after the torch.

The city can be broken up into several districts

North Coast

Slightly over a thousand people live in old neighborhoods here, most of them fishermen, sailors, and their families. Numerous small docks string out into the sea, and dozens of horns and bells sound up and down the coastline. Following a recent attempt by Ragesian agents to destroy the city with a magical hurricane, public opinion is uniformly anti-Ragesian, despite the chaos the refugees have brought with them, or the implicit threat that war will eventually reach the city.

The town is presided over by Magistrate Lorb Votberd, who rumor says used to be a pirate. People on the streets after sunset are questioned by the local militia, and if they do not have a place to stay they are asked to leave. Hostile persons of uncanny combat prowess are reported to the magistrate so elite town guards can handle the situation.

Harbor District

Many warehouses, inns, and businesses surround the north harbor. This bay was magically excavated over decades by students of Lyceum, and most buildings here are adorned with carved stone decorations designed by artistic mages. Two squat, magically illuminated lighthouses overlook the entrance to the harbor, one on either side.

In the harbor’s center floats the Wayfarers’ Theater, a massive galleon painted gold and red, with banners streaming dramatically from its masts. The Guildmistress of the Wayfarers, Sheena Larkins, has settled in Seaquen since the onset of the Burning Sky, unable to safely operate the teleportation mechanism which allows the troupe to travel from harbor to harbor. The Wayfarers contribute to maintaining high spirits in the community by holding regular performances for little or no money. The troupe was performing The Spectacular Trial of Toteth Topec on the day of the Ragesian attack.

Lyceum Academy

The walled compound of Lyceum Academy lies amid several steep hills along the North Harbor. A few hundred students and teachers live here, plus numerous common laborers and guards. Visitors undergo a rigorous security screening before being allowed on campus grounds. Headmaster Simeon Gohanach directs the school, and has become a decisive influence in the efforts of the Resistance. The academy’s new War Department, headed by Instructor Kiernan Stekart, is looking for competent agents to contibute to the war effort.

Sunken Ruins

An old city that predated Seaquen lies on the east coast, and its ruins stretch from the shore to a half mile off the coast. The place has long since been plundered, though a few people have set up bath houses amid the ruins that have not yet fallen into the sea. Numerous rocky crags steam with natural warm water, and at low tide the coastline is blanketed with steam from caves that are normally submerged. The only real business to be found amidst the ruins is the Royale.

Refugee Camps

Several thousand refugees live in three main clusters. The northern camp is home mostly to Dasseni and Sindairese refugees, while the other two consist primarily of Ragesians, with some Ostaliners.

The Dasseni Refugees

Approximately 400 humans and dwarves, most of them hailing from the lands of a noblewoman named Lady Timor – recognize the authority of Xavious Foebane, a veteran of Dassen’s army who came to Seaquen looking to pick a fight with the Ragesians. Conditions here are the best among all the refugee camps.

The Sindairese Refugees

400 humans, half-orcs, and gnomes who have long opposed Ragesia’s control over their nation – are splintered into numerous groups, divided by race and religion. Since the construction of the Hall of Commons, hostility amidst these groups has waned considerably. One group, the Monks of Echoed Souls, led by Dreams No Sorrows, still reside apart, since their people were already refugees to Sindaire from distant Shahalesti.

The Ostaliners

The Ostaliner population resides largely along the south shore – about 100 humans and half-elves – and consists of few refugees. Most are sailors or merchants looking to profit during the war. Their numbers have seriousy diminished since an Ostaliner mercenary leader named Makung Shaftobem, whose group of mercenaries fled their country after the ruler, Khagan Onamdammin, grew displeased with their former commander and had him executed, along with the company’s hippogriff steeds, launched an assault against the Shahalesti blockade which surrounded the city until the hurricance struck. Several Ostaliner ships were lost in the battle.

The Ragesians

The majority of the refugees are Ragesian – nearly 2000 humans and half-orcs, with a few of other races. Most of them fled frantically with very few provisions, and so they live in terrible conditions. Most of the mages and their families lack skills that are needed or wanted in Seaquen, and the majority of them live in tents. Most townsfolk and other refugees avoid the Ragesian sections of the camp, for fear that inquisitors may be hiding among the refugees. Only a handful of refugees managed to get out of Gate Pass. There are no clear leaders among these refugees.

South Harbor

Originally just a seldom-used secondary port home mostly to fishermen and a few farmers who took advantage of the strong winds to construct windmills for pumping water, today the South Harbor is much busier. The wealthiest of the refugees usually move here, and there is a booming home-building industry. One prominent house is the mansion of the portly Cernaban Gremman, who arrived from Sindaire with three ships and forty loyal thugs and scoundrels who now serve as his bodyguards. Gremman’s recent efforts have landed him a principle position in the city’s growing criminal underworld.


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