At the end of a swampy isthmus on Dassen’s southern tip, the town of Seaquen is home to a school called Lyceum, devoted to teaching magic of all kinds. Students of Lyceum are encouraged to learn a variety of magical styles, and are trained in spelldueling techniques similar to Gabal’s school in Gate Pass. They were relatively unknown in the region until recently, when Simeon Gohanach, headmaster of the school, sent out a call to all the people in and around Ragesia, asking for them to stand up against the threat posed by the Ragesians and their new leader Leska.

The Lyceum compound is surrounded by a low stone wall, and consists of a handful of towers, class buildings, and dormitories on a hill near Seaquen’s north harbor. Most of the structures are built of moss-coated gray stone, with wide covered walkways and broad fields filled with trees that droop with golden moss. The central tower – an eight-story, sixty-foot diameter pillar of weathered stone and thick windows called the Aurad Tower – is used for major events, such as the council of war held shortly after the heroes first arrived in Seaquen, and contains the offices of the professors. However, all the professors have their own homes along the north shore.

Twenty upperclassmen, forty underclassmen, and seventy apprentices attend the school. Faculty members include:  Kiernan Stekart: Master of the Department of War, in charge of academy defense  Fogo Henning: Master of Illusions  Banahman Vett: Master of Transmutations  Cloin Vemeir: Master of Necromantic Magicks  Pristina Whitehair: Master of Conjury  Tika Shayam: Master of Druidic Mysteries  Dougan Rambausen: Master Enchanter  Brighton Cooper: Master of Evocation  Deacon Theal: Master of Sorcery  Gilver Fern: Master of student affairs.  Ogoth Who-Wears-No-Mask: Former inquisitor, consultant.

Students at the Lyceum study all manner of magic, though there is an emphasis on arcane magic. Most students who can learn the spell duelist’s etiquette do so, as the school pays a few silver pieces for someone to cast the spell every time there is a spell duel.


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