The walled city of Bresk, the royal seat of Dassen, rises above the hills around it, with the castle perched on a rocky protrusion called the Great Hill. It overlooks the wide river and the Toraest Steppes to the east. Much of the castle is said to be underground, as are many parts of the city, which is home to several thousand dwarves. The city itself is generally unfriendly to outsiders, and most of the real culture of Bresk lies underground in tunnels excavated by dwarves over the centuries.

Most foreigners never delve below the surface to see the bustling markets and solemn temples, illuminated by clever skylights and mighty braziers.

Bresk (Small City): Conventional; AL LN; Population 10,000; 15,000 gp limit; Assets 7,500,000 gp; Mixed (65% human, 28% dwarf, 5% orc, 1% half-orc, 1% other).

Architecture is stout and broad, adorned with various great cats, gem-patterns, and sphinx statues. People dress in multiple layers of drab clothes during the unnaturally long winter, clearly unaccustomed to such chill weather, though the tunnels underground are much warmer.

While the traditional religions were mostly devoted to strength and warfare, since the unification of the nation, a sect of the cave goddess Donhofreya has devoted itself to healing the nation. The prelates of Donhofreya have gained much respect, and many of them serve in the army, showing an eager mixture of militarism and medicine. The Order of the Aquiline Cross is on good terms with the Donhofreya prelacy, an unusual relationship with their order.


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