Jasmine was born into a mixed household, the daughter of an elven warrior from Innenotdar and his human wife from the independent city-state of Gate Pass. Her parents were members of the Resistance, an organization which actively fought Ragesian influences in and around the city in an attempt to ensure that the free peoples of Gate Pass would never again live under the yoke of Emperor Drakus Coaltongue. This devotion was due in part to the belief that Coaltongue’s agents had been responsible for the destruction of her father’s homeland, which stood magically aflame for nearly forty years. Later evidence would reveal that the hand that started the fire was actually that of the elven ruler of the Shining Lands of Shahalesti to the east, King Shaaladel, who actively sought to frame the Ragesians for the tragedy.

Following her parents’ demise, Jasmine was taken into the home of her uncle, Linael Canton, a member of the gentry in Gate Pass and a spy for the Resistance. Canton traveled a good deal as an envoy, visiting lords and ladies throughout the realm, and quickly made a habit of dragging his pretty niece along with him to help distract the locals. In the process, he taught her the arts of covertcy – how to read people, how to move about without being seen or without being noticed, how to absorb the details of everything around her. She also sought training in swordplay, focusing on learning to wield two weapons at once in a deadly ballet. He further introduced her to the secret worship of Sarinine, the Goddess of Dreams, Signs and Portents, and Destiny.

Jasmine left her home on New Years Day in the company of Joshua Stormborn, on a mission to gain the aid of the Lyceum Academy of Magic in Seaquen for the defense of Gate Pass. Joshua’s party reached the distant southern port and delivered crucial intelligence into the hands of the Lyceum, then stayed on to aid in the academy’s active role in the war against the Ragesian Empire, now controlled by Coaltongue’s principal advisor Leska.

Jasmine is a trained assassin for the cause.

Jasmine has recently learned the truth of her parentage, a secret previously known only toLinael Canton. Her father Edian was, in truth, a son of King Shaaladel, making Jasmine an estranged scion of the royal house of Shahalesti. Additionally, her mother Mirjana was not slain outright, but rather cursed by Leska during a botched attempt to rescue Etifini and magically bound to The Stedding in southern Ragesia. Jasmine’s father Edian was captured by Leska during the battle, his essence sucked into a Dragon’s Tear. Their fateful mission was aided by Lyndar Goodberry, who was polymorphed into a tree, and – indirectly – Lord Zanen.

Jasmine’s Journal


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