Charmalina Goodberry

Cute, Small, But Scary Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Halfling, Barbarian/Warror, If you hurt my Brother you will wish you where never born


Hi, I am Charmalina. I was born in Gate Pass. I am only 3 years younger then my brother Arlyn. My father and mother were in the Resistance together before we were born. I had a typical Halfling girl life full of boyfriends, family, and eating (Mom taught me how to make a mean Rabbit, dear, and Pig stew). I used to spend so much time with my father when I was younger; he was a warrior (That’s how I became a warrior), so brave I wanted to be just like him, but then my father died fighting Ragesians. I was crushed.

I continued trying my best to improve at the art of combat. In fact, my brother was in the Resistence and knew a man named Joshua, a Cleric of Holy Thaeos. He, his brother Elessar and I would spar, but we did not spend any time outside of the practice yard.

My brother and I were close, but after father died we had only our mother, so we spent more of our time together; we got closer, and we told each other everything. One day Joshua asked Arlyn to join him on an adventure with some other people he knew. Though I knew Joshua and Elessar were very good fighters, I could not risk losing another person I cared about.

Charmalina Goodberry

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