This pretty young Ragesian woman is quiet and simply dressed, but with a sparkle in her eye.


Lady Talia is a lovely young woman with dark hair and large dark eyes. Though she has an almost regal tilt to her head, her garb is simple and she tends to avoid direct eye contact. Her voice is lightly accented and reveals a noble’s education, both in elocution and vocabulary.


Lady Talia is the daughter of General Magdus, commander of the First Ragesian Army. She was encountered by the party on a secret diplomatic mission to Shahalesti, to deal privately with the elven princess Shalosha. When the heroes overwhelmed her bodyguards, she traded clothing with her maid and slew the woman, stabbing her through the heart, and claimed to be the lady’s maid Jaylee. Jasmine took charge of her, and she accompanied the party to Seaquen.

She was briefly taken into Katrina’s service, but became wary that the woman recognized her, as they had crossed paths a few years prior. During Jasmine’s adventure in Dassen, Talia became involved in the operation of the Shadow Guard, reorganizing the flow of information to become the central hub of Jasmine’s local eyes and ears. When Jasmine realized what she had done, she investigated the woman more thoroughly and discovered the truth of her identity, but chose to reward her efforts by making her position more official and offering to protect her from Katrina, who had begun to suspect the truth.

Talia continues to make her home in the refugee camps in Seaquen, and is now trusted with the principle operations of Jasmine’s entire organization. Though she is a powerful proponent for her father’s potential disloyalty toward Leska, her loyalties are unquestionably to Jasmine alone.


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