A fire rages in the northern kingdoms, and mighty Ragesia has marched to war. The old king is dead, and the black heart of the empress has grown to touch the whole of the land. The Scourge approaches, a vile toxin which threatens to swallow all who would wield the powers arcane in service to any master but she… and the Torch of the Burning Sky is missing…

From the south, a force for hope emerges in the distant city of Seaquen. Masters of magic both fair and foul, refusing to bend knee to the Ragesian Empress, scream defiance in the face of the Inquisition. Who will stand against the tide…?

h3. War has come to Gate Pass

Herein you shall find a record of the details and events of the War of the Burning Sky, as pertains to the adventures of one small band of heroes from the independent mountain city of Gate Pass.

In the wake of the mysterious assassination of the Ragesian Empreror Drakus Coaltongue, and the subsequent disappearance of the Torch of the Burning Sky, the Witch-Queen Leska has launched a powerful inquisition upon all who study the arcane arts, forcing them to bend their knees to the might of the Ragesian throne. As her fearsome inquisitors spread throughout the land, her armies scour the neighboring nations for signs of the missing artifact.

An artifact whose power could change the world forever…

Heroes Arise in the City of Seaquen

The Lyceum Academie of Magic in the southern port city of Seaquen has established itself as a beacon of hope for the refugees pouring in from throughout the land. From the ranks of the The Resistance, one band of heroes has arisen to challenge the might of distant Ragesia and joined the search for the torch…

War of the Burning Sky

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