The Royale

The relatively wild areas on the eastern shore and just off the coast provide an easy place for would-be heroes to practice their skills against each other. While mages duel each other at Lyceum, warriors or even entire parties looking to show off their talents meet here once a week, swapping stories and occasionally getting up the nerve to fight each other after having a lot of drinks. There is one tavern here, the recently-built Royale, which offers to cater to “persons of uncanny combat prowess.”

Three stories tall, the Royale is slowly establishing a pecking order, with only the more dangerous or esteemed warriors being allowed to the lavish upper floors. Meanwhile in the fields and forest surrounding the tavern, numerous obstacle courses have been developed, and dozens of rumors of drama and romance circulate through the clientele. The whole compound is scattered with walled and well-guarded hot springs, some intended for prudish bathing, others for more salacious activities.

Sadly, though, most of the patrons of the Royale are inappropriately sure of their own superiority. Few have seen much actual danger, and many of them come across simply as poseurs enjoying that they can pretend to be accomplished warriors. Most importantly, none of them are motivated to actually do anything other than drink and live out their own little dramas here.

Magistrate Votberd regularly sends observers here to make sure a bit of restless sparring doesn’t develop into bloodsports, and Elessar and Joshua have also made infrequent visits.

Business at the Royale dissipated considerably after the hurricane, as groups of adventurers started forming to contribute to the resistance effort or profit from the war. When such groups returns from their missions, they often stop in to toast the tavern where they met up.

The Royale

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