Order of Echoed Souls

One small group of monk refugees from Sindaire has settled in a forest clearing just outside of Seaquen, alone by themeselves away from the rest of the refugees. Led by Dreams No Sorrows, a middle-aged bald woman with dark skin and hands callused from making crystaline wind chimes, this group contains the last survivors of the Order of Echoed Souls.

In brief, the order was originally based in northern Shahalesti, but a tragedy drove the monks out of their homeland, and they abandoned their temple. The survivors settled in Sindaire, where they lived for several decades. Then, soon after rumors began to spread of Coaltongue’s death, the First Ragesian Army attacked their lands for unknown reasons.

About forty monks or family members survive, and they generally keep to themselves.

One of the monks of the order, Three Weeping Ravens, has contributed to the efforts of the Resistance. He has come to like the people of Seaquen, and volunteered to accompany the heroes on their mission to the Monastery of Two Winds.

When asked by Jasmine about the tragedy that befell their temple, however, Three Weeping Ravens declined to discuss it, saying only: “Imagine all the small evils you have done, and all the evils ever committed by those you have met. Imagine that your soul contained nothing but that evil. Would you want to speak of it?”

Order of Echoed Souls

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