Dressed in bear skins, their faces concealed by bear-skull masks, inquisitors are the feared blade of Ragesia, expert in cutting out those who resist its rule. They fervently serve Ragesia’s supreme inquisitor, an aged witch named Leska, who until recently was a loyal servant of the emperor. Now Leska desires to rule, and her inquisitors are her greatest weapon.

Mages tell stories of inquisitors — sent to hunt down disloyal mages — completely ignoring powerful spells, or even turning spells against their casters. The few who have been captured by inquisitors and have lived to tell the tale recount being tortured, their wrists slashed by an inquisitor’s clawed gauntlets, then being left to a slow, cold death unless they betrayed their allies. Some rumor that inquisitors can even devour the souls of magic-users, taking their powers for themselves before raising the slain mage as an undead follower.

The Story Thus Far…

The heroes encountered their first Inquisitor at Haddin and Crystin’s home just outside the Fire Forest of Innenotdar. They encountered another in the fire temple beneath the sunken ruins just outside of Seaquen, and yet a third at Steppengard Castle in Bresk. Jasmine has collected masks from all three Inquisitors. They met another Inquisitor at Castle Korstull, a failed bodyguard of Emperor Coaltongue’s named Darius, who provided them clues to the whereabouts of the Torch. His mask was broken. Additionally, an incorporeal undead inquisitor was the principle villain at the castle.


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