Black Horse Bounty Hunters

This disreputable band originally consisted of about twenty-five men, commanded by Renard Woodsman, who was slain near his camp in the mountains south of Gate Pass during the Ragesian siege. Renard’s second-in-command, Kathor Danava, was in charge of the bounty hunters’ mission to capture mages in the city to be sold to Ragesian Inquisitors.

Kathor was formerly in the Ragesian military — his father is the general leading the army besieging Gate Pass — but he left after discovering he had magical powers, afraid he would be taken in by the inquisitors. He joined up with the first group who respected his horsemanship skills, and in the weeks following he slowly came to regret it. His father was once a friend of the city, so Kathor possesses a diplomatic passport which allows him (but only him) to enter or leave the city freely.

All Black Horse members wear an armband — red, with a black horse head, and letters that read “murderers” in Ignan (a joke by the tailor who made the armbands; it’s supposed to say “Black Horse”).

The Story Thus Far…

The Black Horse Bounty Hunters attacked the heroes at the Poison Apple Pub in Gate Pass, then again in the wilds south of the city.

Black Horse Bounty Hunters

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