Azgar is a scrawny goblin wizard who has recently traded in his robes for furs and arms to help hide him from the eye of Leska.


Hailing from a mountain community in northern Ragesia, Azgar was exiled in his youth when his thirst for knowledge and magical aptitude made him an undesirable member of the clan. He found apprenticeship with a vile necromancer who served as a lackey for the Kor’tii witches. When the man was inevitably slain by his mistress, Azgar stole his books and trinkets and began to study on his own. Over the next few years, he amassed a notable degree of magical power and eventually came to the attention of Leska. When the Inquisition began, he was given the choice to serve Leska’s wishes or be taken to the Scourge Prison. Azgar chose to serve.

During an encounter in Eresh, Azgar was wielding the power of the Icon of Kersh when it was destroyed by Arlyn Goodberry. The resulting backlash of wild magical energy had unpredictable results on the survivors of the explosion, including Jasmine, Charmalina, Elessar, Basil, and Derek. Azgar himself was transfered into the halfling body of Arlyn Goodberry, who awoke in turn as the goblin wizard. The process was eventually reversed by the mages of the Lyceum, with Azgar’s expert assistance.

Azgar was recently found dead in the vaults of the Lyceum, apparently somehow involved in the theft of the corpse of Drakus Coaltongue.


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