Dani is a very pretty girl who hales from a tiny Dasseni village called Thern, located on the western edge of Lady Dene’s lands. She is unusually pale for a lower Dasseni, and has pale white hair and bright blue eyes. She favors light-colored clothing and wears a holy symbol comprised of a small trio of glass beads and a white feather.

Dani is simple and an innocent. She makes friends quickly and has yet to truly feel the sting of betrayal or much other ugliness in the world. Her closest friend is Charmalina Goodberry… which does a lot to keep people from messing with her.


Dani left home when she heard the whisper of her goddess, Ava. She learned that she had shared dreams with another local, a quiet swordsman named Raines, and their made their way together to the city of Seaquen to seek out the Stormborn.


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