War of the Burning Sky

Session LXXI

22 Almsberth 459


The swordswoman took a breath, held it in… It seemed loud in her ears, almost drowning out the commotion as everyone moved into position.

Jasmine… I don’t think is a good idea.

Jasmine smiled, deciding not to respond the disembodied voice floating in the back of her mind. Of course this wasn’t a good idea. They’d had few enough of those since leaving Gate Pass… and very little time to stop and think about them first. This was no exception.

Elessar signaled that the party was in place. Details of the room sprang into focus. Basil was quietly examining a new blade pilfered from Coaltongue’s treasury, while the diminutive figures of Clan Millorn scrambled about trying to decide the best way to carry a massive jeweled game board. Kiernan glanced her way, as if preparing to say something. Paradoxically, Jasmine relished in the moment, quite possibly her very last. So often she danced to death’s merry tune, so often spinning from its boney grasp at the last possible instant. These were the moments that she had come to live for, the rare moments when every precious second seemed an eternity.

Jasmi- Crystin’s final plea devolved into an internal scream as Jasmine jerked open the door as the heat subsided and ran headlong toward the open maw of an angry wyrm…

Jasmine never felt more alive…

With a daring plan of attack designed to get the party past the dragon and into the Black Pyre chamber, the heroes flee the royal suite and throw themselves into battle. Meanwhile, a Ragesian army marches into the courtyard below and begins sending troops into the castle.



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