War of the Burning Sky

Session LXV

21 Almsberth 459

“Bah!” Kazyk thrust the cauldron from the table, his beard tendrils twitching with annoyance. “Useless!”

His companion snorted and shrugged, sniffing at the pot as he picked it up. Much to Kazyk’s disgust, the other devil then dipped a pointed digit into the concoction and put it to his lips, moving his blackened tongue around a bit. He nodded approvingly.

“Feel anything?” Kazyk asked, throwing up his arms. The mixture wasn’t intended to be palatable. The primary ingredient was the toxin from the bone devils, which Kazyk hoped to make use of as a coating for his glaive. After a moment, his quiet companion shook his head and opened his mouth to comment on the taste. Kazyk cocked his head to one side and held out a hand to keep him silent. He heard something.

The bearded devil crossed the tiny kitchen to the door, grabbing his glaive in case there was a fight waiting on the other side. He’d become jumpy in recent months, even more so since they’re incidental incarceration in this gods-forsaken castle. The stench of the place reminded him of that fiery woodland to the east, and he hated it. Pulling the heavy door open, he blinked at the sight of the narrow figure lurking in front of it with lockpicks in hand. The man seemed just as surprised as he.

His companions slightly less so.

As wicked blades materialized in her hands, a fiery-haired woman pushed the thin man aside and tumbled into the room. Kazyk’s eyes were wide as he tried to get a grasp on the intrusion, but his glaive was already spinning. Yet another female was in the doorway, this one only three feet tall but armed with a sizable blade. Kazyk frowned, pointing a bony finger at the diminutive swordswoman.

“Don’t I know you…?”

They were his final words.

The heroes begin their investigation of the chapel, which is occupied by fiends.



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