War of the Burning Sky

Session LXIV

21 Almsberth 459

Oller Pennyteller blinked as he lurked in the entrance to the armory, taking in the crowded room and its wealth of weaponry. He had been noticed, by the halfling archer and the lady Jasmine, both of whom were staring openly. Oller suppressed a smile, a little embarrassed suddenly that he had so easily bypassed their defenses. It wouldn’t do to antagonize these people, particularly when he was here to plead for help. Jasmine touched her knightly companion’s arm, drawing his attention toward their new arrival, then approached him warily. What little conversation had been present trailed off suddenly as everyone realized that he was there.

Unaccustomed to the attention, the gnomish treasure-hunter shuffled his feet slightly and cleared his throat. Jasmine had arched one delicate brow, and it suddenly occurred to him that the woman probably had elvish blood in her veins. It was the eyes, very slightly elongated. He couldn’t see her ears; she wore a cap on her head that kept them covered.

Oller shook his head, realizing that he had been silent for too long. He had a tendency to get distracted, particularly when he was nervous.

“I need…” he started, pausing to take a breath, “your help.”

As the party prepares to break camp, Clan Millorn’s representative, unbeknownst to his companions, begs the heroes to deal with the threat in the pump room. He expresses that Jorrina intends to make it their next target, since repairing the pump would allow them to activate the lift to the castle’s uppermost level. He explains that they would definitely have the ability to effect the appropriate repairs, which the heroes likely do not, but believes that Clan Millorn is in over their head in regards to the castle’s defenders. And their mistress, of course, has no intention of asking the party for help.

Agreeing to investigate the pump room, the heroes make their way into the heart of the castle and approach the chamber with caution. A group of undead gnolls occupy the room. The battle is brief but vicious, the last of the monsters foretelling their doom as it leaps to its own destruction in the underground river at its back, rather than be taken or destroyed by the heroes. Shrugging, the party withdraws from the vicinity of the broken machinery.



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