War of the Burning Sky

Session LXIII

21 Almsberth 459

Charmalina wrinkled her nose. Even the armory, secluded as it was above the barracks, smelled of charcoal and ash. She suspected that she might never be free of the stink of this place.

She stretched a little, standing on her toes, and glanced around the room. Weapons and armor of every sort glinted in the lantern light, providing an almost pleasant glow to the chamber. Elessar, Kiernan, Basil and Jasmine were sifting through the contents, pulling out weapons that might prove more useful against the undead. This castle was obviously crawling with them, and their blades didn’t seem to bother them overly much.

Charm blinked as her stretching motions added a small cloud of dust to the air. Some of those monsters had a very strong swing, which seemed suprising given their lack of muscle tissue, and another crack had appeared in her marble exterior, crawling from her left shoulder partway down her arm. As invincible as the stone skin made her feel, she was beginning to worry about the permanence of the cracks. Magical healing just didn’t seem to do anything about them, though it otherwise made her feel better.

Arlyn laid a hand on her shoulder, offering her an encouraging smile. She couldn’t help but grin.

After all… they still had an entire castle to explore.

After a small amount of exploration of their immediate environs, the heroes settle into the armory for a short rest.



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