War of the Burning Sky

Session XLIX

2 Almsberth 459

Jasmine stood amidst the ruins of a familiar city. It was Seaquen, but not as she knew it. Here, the heavens were obscured by smoke and ash. The decaying structures which lined the streets were bathed in eldritch flame. The heat was nigh unbearable; sweat poured from every inch of her body. Immediately to her right, his pace slowed to match her stride, Joshua glistened in the ruddy firelight. He walked without his armor, though Sharakas was ever at hand and a part of him body, mind and soul.

For this was not the world they knew, but one which existed in a dream. A nightmare, more precisely… and one that Jasmine knew to respect. This was Crystin’s mind, not hers… and the young sorceress dreamt of a world where all things burned like the woodland which dominated the skyline of her youth. Indistinct cries pierced the night, and distant shouts of unbridled rage. Jasmine shuddered, realizing how much she’d come to rely on the idea that she would never again hear the voice of Haddin Ja-Laffa. Those whom you silenced were supposed to remain that way.

Joshua pointed, indicating a familiar compound just ahead. The Lyceum. Jasmine nodded. It was the only place that was free of the magical fire. Jasmine fervently hoped that they would find Crystin quickly. There was nothing in Adlion’s notes that explained whether wounds sustained in the dream realm were life-threatening, but she wasn’t about to take the chance.

Jasmine contacts Crystin via the dreamstone, incidentally dragging Joshua along, and explains their quandry. Crystin agrees to teach her the Song of Forms, and Joshua steps aside to act as a sentry as the two of them seek a more secluded place for Jasmine’s singing lesson. Unfortunately, the magical song completely eludes her, so Crystin suggests an alternative plan. Invoking a bit of her father’s forbidden magic, she establishes a sort of “soul splice” that allows her to send her consciousness back into Jasmine’s body, thus allowing her to be present to perform the song.

This tactic works, though Jasmine wisely agrees not to inform anyone else in the party – particularly Elessar – that Crystin’s awareness in now riding along in the back of her head. Through Jasmine’s body, Crystin is able to perform the seela’s magical ballad and force Balance into a corporeal state. The heroes immediately abscond with the woman, following a treatment by the healers to ease her pain, and make their way eastward toward the forbidden Valley of Storms. A single Ragesian patrol appears to slow their progress, but they aren’t foolhardy enough to pursue the adventurers once they’re quit of Eresh.



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